Gamut of Performance Podcast

GPP Episode 94: Jim Kiritsy- Assistant AD for Sports Performance/Director of Football S&C at Kennesaw State

March 8, 2020

On this episode of the podcast I talk with Coach Jim Kiritsy. If you haven't heard Coach Kiritsy talk before, GET ON IT RIGHT NOW. We talk about how he has been able to rise to the level that he has now, and how he continues to separate himself. We also discuss how he has really been able to lay down roots and raise the level of not only the football department, but how he has been able to add value to the whole athletics department. Additionally, we discuss the differences between the S and C world/ training in the south/ southeast and everywhere else. Lastly, we talk about priorities, financial literacy in the profession, and how we need to organize our values system before anything else. There were a couple places where my audio equipment failed me, but the gold shines through.